Musings on plants


Wynyard Hall Walled Garden – designed by Alistair Baldwin and planted by Colour Your Garden and David Austin Roses


The Colour Your Garden blog

A warm welcome to the all-new Colour Your Garden blog! This blogging caper is new to me, so bear with me while I take the plunge and set sail into the netscape of (hopefully) useful and (hopefully) interesting musings on the wonderful world of plants.

I’m going to be writing on a range of topics, with the common theme of all things horti, and I’m going to be opening a window or two into some of our planting projects to give you readers a behind the scenes glimpse of the gritty, rewarding, often muddy and always colourful process of creating planting schemes, both large and small.

I’ve never really been one for the ‘here’s a picture of what I’m about to eat, isn’t it fascinating’ genre of blog, so the aim here is to share pictures, thoughts and experiences which, over time, encourage you to try out new plants, experiment with combinations and generally get the kind of understanding of planting design and management which leads you to your own discoveries and successes in the garden.

As well as sharing our own ventures into painting with plants, I will be looking at the work of other designers, from the UK and overseas, and delving into the detail of how they achieve and indeed maintain such stunning effects. We’ve all drooled over the glossy pictures…I’m going to open up the bonnet and see how they really work!

You’re all busy folks out there, so I’m thinking that a weekly scribbling with some juicy pictures will be a good starting point, and I’ll start next week with some of the building blocks of planting design and an introduction to one of our current planting design projects. I’ll take you through the early stages, and share the process as we go along, so you can see the project evolve as I go through it on the ground…I think the blogging cognoscenti (a group to which I can only aspire to belong!) call it a creative arc…

Finally, as I’m based here at our nursery between the fair city of Ripon and the equally fair town of Thirsk in North Yorkshire, I will be telling you all about the fantastic plants that we grow – some interesting snippets about the species you know and love as well as the new varieties and cultivars we come across on our travels. Plant breeders are a busy and productive lot, so there are always new introductions cropping up at the flower shows and glossies, so we will be getting them under your collective noses and telling you the what, where and how!