A Brief History of Plant Life on Earth

A Brief History of Plant Life on Earth – 2 Part Series Life is truly ancient. You, me, the grass and the trees  – we are all inextricably connected to something that happened on a young Earth around 4 billion years ago. Scientists have arrived at a number of theories offering an explanation as to […]

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An Offbeat Introduction to Plants

Right now, there exists a spectacular multiplicity of life on this planet. At this moment buffalo are roaming the plains of Africa, seals are hunting fish in the seas surrounding the South Pole, bullet ants are building nests in the wet, hot rainforests of Nicaragua and, perhaps of more immediate interest, you are reading this […]

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Musings on plants

A warm welcome to the all-new Colour Your Garden blog! This blogging caper is new to me, so bear with me while I take the plunge and set sail into the netscape of (hopefully) useful and (hopefully) interesting musings on the wonderful world of plants.

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